Well, I never…and probably never will to be quite honest. Today has been “one of those days” to say the least, but I am so glad for it. It was a day of affirmations and confirmations.

I now know that I know what I thought I knew and am, in fact, not a fool at all. I have not been duped, doped or tricked. I have not been punked, scammed or bamboozled. Instead, I now know – undeniably and without question – that my third eye, my sixth sense, my Spirit, my Intuition goes before me and knows what I refuse to admit that I know. It has seen and understands those things I don’t want to believe – about myself and others.

Allow me to give you an example. Many of you have heard me refer to my ex-husband…you know the one who gave me a great deal of grief this past year (and the years before) as most husbands are wont to do. Well, it seems I was a little premature in my claim of him as an ex. Yes, EX-husband would be a misnomer.

You see, though I filed for a divorce it was denied. I was told I didn’t have proper evidence for the grounds which I filed (adultery). Though I had all the Facebook posts, letters, pictures, emails, etc. from his former mistress; because I did not have a signed affidavit from her stating that they were indeed involved, my case was dismissed.

Now, what I should have learned from this lesson is that people can get over on you. They can do what they want, when they want, all in your face, and when you try to do something about it – try to remove yourself from the madness they attempt to impose upon your life – there will be no release , no retribution.

Well, that’s not what I got from this experience at all! Nope, that wasn’t my revelation even in the slightest. Instead, what I came to is that people can get over but they can’t get by.

You see, more often than not in situations like these, an individual’s actions are the result of chaos going on in their hearts and minds. That chaos manifests in the person’s life until there is total disarray and disorder. It is often the most brilliant, most talented, most (spiritually) sensitive people who suffer from this the most. These individuals are the ones who have been called to greatness, but they’re so caught up in the physical, natural state of being that they miss out on what’s happening in the unnatural, spiritual realm. These people frustrate their progress. They undermine their blessings. They reap chaos and disorder because those are the seeds that they sow.

Most of the time these folks have justified their craziness to the point that they believe no one else sees it. Some even go so far as to begin to believe their own hype; finding fault with anyone finding fault with them. These people want no accountability for their actions. They have no desire to repent or repay their debts to those whom they’ve made crazy over the years. Instead, they just keep doing the same old same. They run themselves in circles and then get upset when all that lies before them is a path of destruction – one which they’ve created. All the mess before them is their own but they’re in too deep to admit it. The motto now is, “I’m in it, so I’m committed.”

Indeed, this sort of living allows them to get over – for a while – but they can’t get by. You see, once you’ve gotten over on someone it’s hard to do it again. You have to find a new pool of potential victims. But, for those who haven’t crafted getting over into an art (a source livelihood), for the everyday Joe who’s just too ashamed, guilty and beaten down to deal with himself, it doesn’t work for long.

Now, you may be thinking shoot, I know someone who’s been doing this for years…pay close attention. It might be over sooner than you think.

The average get-over-guy (or -girl) becomes frayed and worn down every time they don’t take accountability for themselves. Each time they disregard their responsibility to be decent, honest and forthcoming, they are lying. And it takes a lot of work to lie. You have to remember your lies and remember who you told them to. And more often than not, you have to tell a lie to maintain a lie. (I’m getting tired just thinking about it).

When you’re a liar, word gets out about you. Your reputation precedes you. People see you coming and they shut down shop. You get desperate and you start looking for people outside of your normal realm of operations. But you don’t know these folks. You don’t know enough to get them to buy into your self-deluded BS.

Suddenly, you’re being interrogated at every turn. People are asking questions and calling you out when this thing you just said isn’t the same as that thing you said before. They have questions when what you say and do are mis-aligned. They want clarification when what you tell them about yourself contradicts what’s right before their eyes.

No one is willing to grant you access to what they have. People no longer feel sorry for you and your hardships. Instead, those around you look at you and see that they are self-imposed afflictions and they stay back – because sabotage is transferable. If you have no qualms about messing up your life, you surely won’t think anything of messing up mine.

When these people come into your life, stand your ground. You don’t ha e to run, but you’d better be sure you don’t fold either. I mentioned in a previous post (insert) that when people do things to you, you MUST forgive. Forgiveness is not about them, but about you. This doesn’t mean you forget – in fact, forgetting is probably the worst thing you could do.

Remember your standards. Remember that you have been healed of your need to associate with those who need drama to survive. Remember that you, too, have been called to a higher purpose from which you will not be distracted. Remember that you have Intuition, perception and discernment. You know what you know – embrace that.

This is what I learned from my (still current) husband and his ex-mistress. I don’t know if she’s pressing forth to clean up her stuff but I definitely see the opposition, distractions, and dismay in my husband’s life these days.

As my great-grandma used to say, “It all comes clean in the wash.” And if we know anything about washing clothes, we know they must be agitated, scrubbed and put through a ringer before they’re ready for wear.

It is when a person gets to this point in their process that they are at their most vulnerable. They must reconcile old habits with a new way of being. They must reconcile old friends, family and enablers with new ways of doing things. This is when the tests come. Are you really who you say you are? Are you really equipped to do what you say you’ll do? Are you really prepared for this opportunity, these next steps? Do you want what you say you want? Do you believe about you what you want everyone else to believe? Is it really true?

And, as always, I pray they will both seek Truth and wish them both nothing but love, peace and light along their journeys.

If you see someone in your life on a similar path, I hope you’ll do the same.

Good luck and Namaste.