When I awoke this morning, my house was already abuzz. My older cousin was downstairs talking on her cell phone, telling the tail-end of a very interesting story. When she finished, she proceeded to recount the morning’s events from the beginning.

She awoke at 8am from a very vivid and alarming dream. The sky was still black with the slightest sliver of light peeking through the clouds. She checked her clock twice, just to confirm that it was indeed 8am. Since it was late, by our weekend standards she began her usual Saturday routine. She washed dishes, started the laundry, and cleaned the bathrooms. Still very tired, she went upstairs to lie back down. But something told her to pray.

So, she got on her knees and began to pray. She didn’t know what to pray for, so she just talked with God, and before long she was praying for protection…but from what, for whom? She didn’t know. The whole thing was a little unsettling given her dream.

Tired and confused, she laid back down…and fell asleep. When she awoke again it was shortly after 7am.

Wait? 7am?! Hadn’t she just gotten up at 8? She was SURE it was 8am, she’d checked her clocked twice!

What was going on here? Well, allow me to answer that question with a question: Do you know what time it is?

This isn’t even the strangest thing I’ve ever seen happen the Universe is trying to get someone’s attention and align them with spiritual timeliness.

my cousin needed to talk with God when she did for whatever reason. She needed to start her day – as she always does – at the time she did because if not something would have been thrown off.

Had the clocked read 5am, she wouldve likely rolled over and slept some more. Maybe she would’ve gotten outt he door later, been in traffic or worse had an accident. Maybe she would’ve encountered some other obstacle. Or perhaps, her time needs to be free earlier so she can come across a blessing unlike any she’s ever known in her life. Whatever the reason, it happened the way it did because it needed to.

Maybe it was a malfunction in the phone’s screen or the company’s satellites were reading a time zone other than her own. We don’t know what caused it, but when things like that happen take note.

Pay attention to the signs. Whe you’re running behind or have extra time, ask why? Don’t get discouraged or frustrated; something greater than you is looking out for you. The Most High is getting things in order so you can be blessed. Oftentimes, we never even know that we’ve been “done a solid.” But every so often we turn on the news and say…I was supposed to be on that bus plane or working in that building.

So the next time you can’t seem to get on task, stay on schedule or make it work in your time, ask the question: Do I really know what time it is?

Good luck and Namaste.