A little while ago I posted a blog about being SUPRAnatural.

In it, I discuss what it means to live between the natural and supernatural realms. I mention the importance of staying connected the Most High so you can discern the things happening and the spiritual and foresee certain outcomes. And I highlight how you can manifest certain outcomes as a result of your newfound and heightened sensitivity.

Since that post, I’ve gotten a lot of queations and comments about how much opposition there is in Life. Well, I’m here to let you know that not everything is opposition. Some of that – that’s you; you did that.

Review my recent post Ape Crazy to better understand how we entrap ourselves. We get to a point where we become so accustomed to restricting ourselves that the opposition doesn’t have to do anything. Yeah, that’s you – you did that.

The time has come to take a serious look at your life and assess who’s holding you back.

You know it’s the opposition when you’re diligently moving forward and obstacles come against you. When you’re doing what you’re supposed to and things just keep popping up to throw you off-course, distract you and alter your initial view – that’s the opposition.

However, if you’re beating yourself up, feeling like you’re not good enough, and wondering how someone like you is going to do all the things you have in mind…that’s you – you did that.

So, tell me – who did that???