Bob Marley’s singing rings in my ears, “If Jah/is standing by my side/then why should I be afraid/of the pestilence that crawls by night?”

Bob isn’t playing at the moment, but I’ve heard the song enough times to know it by heart. It’s a personal mantra. It just kinda comes to me whenever something happens that makes me question what spiritual source someone is pulling from. Allow me to explain:

For weeks I’ve been praying for a breakthrough in my professional endeavors. I’ve been “on the verge” of something big for a couple years now and I’m ready for it to turn over and manifest in its fullness.

Well, a couple weeks ago I was introduced to a business contact who SEEMED to be the answer to all my prayers: An amazing resource of information, contacts up the wazoo in just about every industry, and most of the same philosophical ideals as me.

BUT – and that’s a big but for a reason – spiritually, there was a major disconnect. Not a complete one, but significant enough to give me pause.

Now, before I get too deep, allow me to say that I’m no spiritual prude. I believe strongly in relationship over religion. I believe there are many paths to God, though I believe there is only one way to experience eternal life. I believe that there lies within us bright light and dark shadows. They are both part of our make-up and cannot be denied, yet they cannot co-exist. We cannot use dark for Light purposes, nor will Light allow us to follow dark pursuits.

However, when my new affiliate made just such a claim, I had to have a “come to Jesus moment” with myself. In other words, I had to keep it really real even though the initial sting would hurt more than my Spirit could handle right then.

See, on the one hand I could say, “Well, God uses all people and as a result He could just be setting me up with these connections to get me on my way, and in time (hopefully sooner than later) I would be able to remove the middle-man. I could deal with this now because they won’t be around forever, right? god heard my prayers…I’m covered.”

But, instead, I had to see the contradiction in such a statement. If Light and dark cannot co-exist on the same plane, and exist in opposition, then there was no way that something of Light had sent this contact to me.

In fact, my angels were so adamant about my not going much further with this conversation that within seconds of the discussion going awry, my phone went dead and couldn’t be revived for over one and a half hours (during which time this person was trying to call me my voicemail later confirmed. Also, I never received an email they swear they sent three times…my email never stopped working FYI).

Now, I could’ve said, “Well, if God walks with me then I can venture into this valley of shadows and get through unharmed.” I could’ve said, “God is standing on my side, so I don’t have to fear the pestilence that crawls by night.” I could’ve said, “Maybe this is my blessing…the answer to my prayers coming in a most unconventional way.”

I could’ve, but I didn’t. Instead, I said, “This is the opposition. It’s a distraction. This is the opposition’s way of keeping me caught up.” If I didn’t know better, I would’ve spent days, weeks, months, maybe even years, justifying the validity of this contact’s professional connections. I would’ve been so focused on the person, I would never have stopped to really assess (or re-assess) their Spirit.

What I came to understand from this encounter is that I’m SO close to a breakthrough that the opposition went a little extra on me. He pulled out his A-game…

You want political and religious contacts throughout the tri-state area? Done. You want space to conduct your programs, facilitate your meetings and convene with other affiliate organizations for little or no cost whenever you want? Done. You want to build your team with smart, capable professionals who’ve graduated from some of the country’s most prestigious institutions? I can do that, too. Oh, what’s that, you want funding to expand your reach on national and global levels? You ain’t said nothing but a word.
The thing is, when you grow and mature – emotionally, socially and spiritually – things look differently to you. Something like this would’ve tripped me up years ago – I mean, IT. WOULD. HAVE HAD ME. BOUND.

Interestingly enough, today it didn’t have the same effect.

Now that’s not to say nothing can trip me up. To quote Steve Harvey, “God ain’t through with me, yet.” But this here, this wasn’t it.

What this experience did do though was get me to thinking, what are some of the things tripping up the people I know and love? What’s tripping you up?

What has the opposition used to keep you so distracted that you’re cutting off you’re blessing? What replication or duplication of the answer to your prayers has you so fooled that you don’t see the real deal has yet to be created because it’s waiting on you to show up?! What has you bound?

My friends, please take a tip from me -whatever you’re waiting for it’s coming. Don’t get so caught up in the shiny frills on the pooper-scooper box that you miss the steak and sweet potato pie in the brown paper bag.

Good luck and Namaste!