In everything we do we are implementing on of two laws…we are either spending or investing.

When we spend our time it is quite literally an expense. I don’t believe in wasted time because there is always a lesson in what we do, even if the lesson is to not do that thing anymore. Essentially, expended time finds us giving far more than we’re receiving back from it – emotionally, spiritually, financially. These are the endeavors where at the end, you think “I coulda had a V8.”

An investment of your time on the other hand is a worthwhile output of your time, talent and energy. What you receive from the experience is immeasurable in comparison to the amount of time you put in. Experiences like these are happen when you attend church, volunteer, start a business or help a friend. These are the times where even after you’ve spent all day doing a thing, you wish you had MORE time. And the returns are priceless. You’ve built foundations for lifelong relationships, or created memories, or instilled timeless values and taught some much-needed principles.

Yes, there is quite a big difference between spending time and investing it. This is a lesson I had to (re)learn the har way…this seems to be a pattern for me, huh? Much of my time was spent just trying to get by, but very little of what I did seemed to enrich me.

I’m not talking about being bored (per se), but I’m referring to the value I saw in what I was doing and the value others assigned to me while doing it. So after some time (like years), I decided to make some changes to the program.

In some cases I changed the activiites I engaged in, in other cases I changed the people I shared these activities with. I changed the timing on certain endeavors, not giving more than a few hours here and there, and in other cases I extended the duration of my presence.

Sometimes the difference between an expenditure and an expense is where you spend and with whom you entrust your precious goods (time, money, knowledge).

Just a few simple changes – and I mean SIMPLE – and I found my life more enriched, full, and fulfilling. The benfits I reap from time spent nw far outweigh the amount of time I’m actually spending on any one thing.

So, it prompts the question: What are you doing? Are you investing your time? Are you spending it wisely? Or are you whizzing it away like there’s no tomorrow?

Having fun today is awesome, but having the freedom to have when you want because you’ve invested your time and created the structure for such a lifestyle into your life and the lives of those you love is SO much better…just saying.

As always, peace, Love and light. Good luck and Namaste!