Oh, we all go through it. We all have some things to get over, get through and get rid of. We all have adversity and hardship. We all have something!

Now these circumstances can make or break us. What happens is determined by our understanding of what we’re dealing with.

You see, you must recognize the opportunity in adversity. You have to see that strength is gained through resistance. You have to know about the process of growth and advancement.

If you see these situations as insurmountable obstacles that is precisely what they will be. You will be stuck in a rut, unable to move forward and overcome. It may not break you per se, but at best it will piss you off.

But I thought you said these things could make or break us. If seeing adversity as insurmountable doesn’t break you than what does? Great question.

Denial. It’s not a river in Egypt but you can still drown in it. Denial can kill you if you’re not careful.

When we see adversity as an opportunity to strengthen and grow, it can make us. It makes us better people, better equipped to handle the next level and sustain our blessings. When we see challenges as impossible, we remain stuck – unable to move forward. But when we don’t see the adversity at all; when we refuse to admit to the situation staring us in the face, that’ll break us.

Denial is a killer. Denial allows us to fool ourselves into thinking that everything is okay. It convinces us to act as if there is no problem. We proceed without caution and find ourselves in more danger. We swear we have the circumstance under control, but we don’t even know the half because we won’t admit anything is wrong. What we think we have under control are life’s everyday, ordinary events…but the truth is what we’re in is anything but ordinary!

If you’re man is cheating and you know it, but you still have unprotected sex with him because you think you’re “his #1”, you’re putting your life in jeopardy. That adversity is an opportunity for you to learn about love, what it doesn’t look like and what it should look like. But to think there’s no adversity – no problem…you’re drowning in denial.

If you’re homeless, hungry, and unemployed but you think it’s anyone’s fault (or responsibility to fix) other than your own, you’re swimming in denial. This adversity is an opportunity for you to revamp your plan and repackage yourself. You could go back to school, get training, start a business or switch careers. There are programs designed to assist you and (if you’re driven, willing, and resourceful enough) you might find it in your best interest to create your own. There’s no better time than the present. But if you think everything is fine, you don’t need much, and things will “work out” – but you’re not committed to making a change – you’re drowning in denial.

Denial. Is. A. Killer! The tides are terrifying and the waves are huge. The current will drag you under and sweep you away. Before you know what’s happened your body is being washed ashore and you’re having an outer-body experience looking down at yourself saying,”How in the hell did I get here?!”

Consider this your lifeline, your buoy, your escape plan. This little blurb in cyberspace is your wake-up call; a chance for you to do a new thing in a new way with a new perspective. The time has come for you to soar high above the river, safely tucked away from the dangers of its pull.

Think of it like this. All of us face adversity. Adversity births greatness. We are spend time in the womb of adversity where we will be shaped, molded and formed by our experiences.

Much like the amniotic sac that protects a child in a mother’s actual womb, your thought-life protects you from the dangers of denial.

When the amniotic sac is broken, your child is at great risk. Under the wrong conditions, you may have to abort the birth or give birth prematurely.

When your thought-life is toxic you are vulnerable to the issues associated with denial. Your blessings are blocked and you may have to abort your dreams or defer them unnecessarily because you don’t know just how close you actually are.

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It gets better…and it begins today. As always, good luck and Namaste.