Greetings all,
I know it’s been a month since my last post. I apologize for not sharing my hiatus – much of it wasn’t self-induced.

Shortly after my post, I was called for a teaching position, which led to consistent work, which meant getting child care in order since my old provider’s grandmother fell ill. Meanwhile, keeping up with book writing deadlines, marketing campaigns, summer programming and – of course – being mommy. (Try doing that 3x fast!)

So yes, always rest assured that when I step away from my posts it is for reasons far beyond my control. Even as I type, I’m multitasking, hoping to make the most of my day. But I digress.

When we last spoke, we discussed anewal. I mentioned that the process of anewing is taking something and repurposing, repackaging and revitalizing it to make it an entirely new being. I also said that this new thing could never be what it was without its origins, and yet its transformation is so surreal you would never believe what it originated from.

Now, we as human beings can anew our lives. We can review, reflect, repurpose, repackage, and revitalize ourselves. One of the things I discussed last time was that there is something unique about the brain’s ability to SEE a new you and thereby inform your senses that you ARE a new you.

When we see ourselves and are satisfied with what we see, our brain gives off estrogen, oxytocin and testosterone. We begin to FEEL good because we are stimulated the SIGHT of a good-looking reflection.

These feel good chemicals (endorphins and such), are stimulants. So not only do we feel good, we feel buzzed…energized! Our minds become sharper, our thoughts are clearer and our response time is faster. Now, not only are we looking good and feeling good, but we’re able to better express our ideas and have the energy to exact them.

Okay. Okay. I may be over-simplifying a bit here. There is so much more to this process than just merely looking good, but I assure you it is an integral component.

Best of all, you can do something small every day. For instance, don’t have the money for a new wardrobe or cosmetic make-over? Make a conscious effort to smile more every day – an extra 30 minutes can work wonders for your attitude and esteem.

Try a different hairstyle. If you usually wear it up, let it down. Like it loose, do an upsweep (especially with the hot summer we’re expecting). Wear dark suits, find a bright blouse or tie to punch up your outfit. *Ladies, sexy undergarments under your power suit will give you a secret boost throughout your day*

Give it a shot. What have you got to lose? It will likely be the beginning of the best days of your life. đŸ˜‰

Good luck and Namaste.