We have all heard of the concept “fight or flight” – our body’s chemical reaction to imminent danger. A flood of adrenaline is released throughout the body, which helps us to stand our ground and fight or find the energy to flee.

For each of us there is something for which we will fight, while likewise there is something from which we are prone to flee.

We think of running away when we flee. It’s one of the fastest means of escape. But are there times when we will run in order to fight? Are there times when we will flee from one situation in order to take flight to a fight? Allow me to answer that question with a question: Are you in?

Noticed that, did you? R-U-N/Are you in?

When you have set your mind to something – invested your time, talents and energy and virtually moved mountains on order to manifest the smallest return – you are in. And when you are in, you are willing to fight for what you want and need – even if you have to run.

I’m finding this to be true in my own life. There situations and circumstances in which I find myself saying, “All or nothing. I’ve got things to do and if it comes down to it, I’m ready to fight.”

Some of these things include my family – particularly my son, my faith, my ministry, and a host of other aspects regarding my future.

What about you? When the time comes to ask are you in are you committed enough to r-u-n straight into the middle of a tough spot to make it work?

We all need that one thing, that something. Something we can believe in and hope for. Something we will stand beside and fight for. Something that, regardless of how bad it looks, when someone tells you “OMG, get out! R-U-N!” Your answer can be, “I am in. The only way I’m running is deeper in.”

What’s yours?

As always, good luck with it and Namaste.