My life consists of Sesame Street, quobo (pronounced cube-o) and PBS these days. Now granted, I was one to watch such shows before having a child, but now the programs have new meaning for me.

I think about the things my son will take away from these programs, especially given the things I expect him to get from his upbringing with me.

One such hidden gem came to me while watching a special Sesame Street DVD about hurricane safety. After Big Bird’s nest flew away in the hurricane he was quite upset. He was angry, confused and sad. Maria told him, “It’s always sad losing what you love, Big Bird.”

It got me to thinking. Losing what you love is sad….but what about loosing what you love?

What happens when you willingly loose something important to you? What happens when you decide to give away something you worked so hard to acquire in the first place?

I can tell you from my own learning experiences that those things grow. When you release whatever you’re holding onto you make space to grab hold of something better. Every car I’ve ever owned has been better than the last. Every home I’ve ever lived in has been a step up from the one before. Each of my “lovers” has been a better teacher than his predecessor.

Losing something implies a lack of control. There is a desire to hold onto the thing, but for whatever reason you were unable. Perhaps it was taken from you. Or maybe you misplaced whatever it was you had. It could have even been misused and thus broken.

But when you loose something, when you let it go, you have complete and total control. You decide who, what, when, where and why. In essence, when you loose the things you love you are saying because I am blessed I will be a blessing. It is the process of loosing that shows how truly grateful you are for all that you have and yet how unattached you are to it because you know it comes from a Source greater than your Self. More importantly, if that Source can provide you with something so great, It can provide things even better – if you allot for them.

So, here’s the 20-million dollar cornucopia of questions: What are you holding onto unnecessarily? What do you want that you’ve never had before? What do you need to loose in order to get it?

Loose the things you love and live happily and free. Good luck and Namaste.