As you have likely witnessed by now, I like to play on words. I love alliteration and symbolism. I giggle at a well-played homophone. It’s my inner-nerd, I can’t really help it. So you know this next post is going to be a doozie when I tell you that it’s all about “Re-ing”…the key to “re”.

Recently, I spoke about reviewing, revamping, repackaging and revitalizing. Well, now I’m going to take that process a step further and talk about how we can “re-up;” using these “re” concepts to propel ourselves to new levels.

See, the truth is everything in life that deals with growth an d change comes in the form of “re”: repeat, recycling, reviewing, revising, reflecting, re-purposing, remodeling, rebuilding, restoring, rebranding, revitalizing. But how do we put these things to work in our lives? How do we set the wheels in motion so we can ride along?

The first step is understanding why “re” is so powerful in the first place. The definition of the prefix “re-” is again or backward. And yet, if you know anything about forward motion, you know that it is often preceded by backward motions and is sustained by repetition…”re-“.

Let’s take, for instance, a car. If you live in New York City, you have to parallel park. When you prepare to move out of the parking space, you most often have to back up in order to gain enough clearing to pull forward out of the space. The same may be true of a parking spot at the shopping mall.

Then there’s the actual process of driving. How often must we stop and go, stop and go? The repetition and redundancy of driving is enough to drive some people insane.

But again, if you examine this process carefully, you’ll see several similarities to your own life. How you move, how you grow, choices you make and beliefs you ascribe to. And that my friends is precisely how you re-up…how you put the keys to “re” to work for you. Review. Reflect. Revisit.

As you go through your day, take a moment to think about whether or not you like the results you’re getting in the moment. Reflect, revise and revitalize, right there on the spot. (For more on those terms visit my earlier post Anew Things)

You can re-up anything in your life – anytime, anywhere. It can be your job, your home, your relationships, your marriage, your parenting technique, your vocabulary, your style – whatever!

We all have the power to reshape and revitalize our lives. The time is now! Re-Up!

Good luck and Namaste.