The morning started off like any other. I awoke early to prepare for a networking conference I’d be attending with my business partner (and mother).

I was doing great on time for a while, but then as time is won’t to do, it got away from me. I was running behind now and I wasn’t sure when it happened.

It seemed that no matter what I did I couldn’t make it out the door. But I believe everything happens for a reason. My rejection is God’s protection. When the time comes, I’ll be exactly where I’m meant.

It would seem that held true even on this day.

When my mother and I finally arrived at the hotel where the expo was being held we were excited to get started. We pulled out our cards and brochures and prepared to mix and mingle.

There was just one problem…the expo was about the size of my entire downstairs! There were roughly 14 vendors present; two of which I was able to make an appropriate connection.

One of those, however, was a very unlikely pairing. The table was chock full of educational materials and parental support documents. If you know anything about my work, then you know why this was right up my alley.

But this guy was talking up a blue streak with some other attendees. He was rude and disrespectful. here we were at a multicultural networking event and he was speaking unkindly about some of the ancestry of those in attendance.

When I finally decided to leave, he took notice of me and wanted me to stay – then preceded to turn and finish his conversation!

But something in me wouldn’t let me leave. He had something I needed. I knew that wrapped in that greasy brown packaging was a sirloin steak. I just had to cut the grisel and get to the meat. And I’m glad I did.

On my second attempt to leave, his comrades recommend that he speak with me. We talked for less than five minutes, but it was an interesting exchange.

For starters, he was with the NAACP and the Urban League – two organizations with which I’ve been trying to connect for consulting opportunities. Then there’s the work he does with a re-entry program based in Harlem…a program with which I’m familiar and have been trying to connect for public speaking engagements.

To top it off, he was not only a vendor for the expo, but VP of communications and publicity for the organization hosting it! He was all too thrilled to offer me free radio time and an opportunity to collaborate on some upcoming events.

The interesting thing is that this man was somewhat repugnant. He was crass and rough around the edges. He spat on me as he spoke and every time he opened his mouth he talked like he was imparting wisdom that only he was privy to.

And yet, by following my Intuition, by humbling myself and listening to that still small voice that said there was more here than what lay on the surface. And trust me, there was more that lay on the surface. Like how he pulled out wads of business cards rolled into wads of cash as he tried to show me why he couldn’t take my card, but I could write my name on the NAACP contact sheet and he’d get back to me. (At that point, I handed him my brochure and kindly let him know he might have too many cards but he didn’t have one of these.)

Of course, as always, it got me to thinking: How often do we shortchange ourselves by disregarding our Intuition? How many times have we voided the chance of lifetime because we’re too focused on the frivolity of the moment – the nuances (and nuisances)? How often do we remain stuck where we are (and would prefer not to be) because we can’t see the beauty in everything and anything?

If I can leave you with anything, let it be this: There might be sirloin or fillet mignion or lobster bisque in that greasy brown bag…so look inside – it just might change your life.

Good luck and Namaste.