A day late, but far from a dollar short. I would like to take this opportunity to say “Happy belated Father’s Day” to all my male readers.

I want to particularly thank you for what you do to make this world a better place. Many of you are fathers, brothers, sons, husbands. You have children of your own for whom you love, care and look after.

Some of you have no children, but you have taken on the charge of fathering the fatherless. You look after those who do not belong to you because you a positive male influence or role model is essential to a child developing to his/her fullest potential.

There are far more of you pulling double duty. Raising your own children while you sponsor nieces and nephews or mentor children of the public. You write, speak, teach and pray alongside others – women like me and men like you.

Thank you!

All too often we are so busy demeaning the deadbeat dads that we forget about you – the men carrying their slack. Too often we are placing all our time, emphasis and energy on the negative part of the equation – the problem – that we forget the solution is not only accessible…it’s at work already!

Thank you!

Thank you for being a friend, a brother, a lover, and a confidante. Thank you for manning up and handling, not only your responsibility but the responsibility of others. Thank you for seeking strength from outside of yourselves so that you might be capable of shouldering this burden. Thank you for fathering the fatherless.

I don’t know where I (or the rest of the world) would be without you.

As always, good luck and Namaste. Keep up the good work, we see you!