Alright, I promise – I will refrain from all manner of cartoon references for the next week. Just remember that before cartoons, I was referencing comic books…I’m just saying. So, now that I’ve disclaimed it – once again, a grand epiphany (or general point of reference) came about while watching a cartoon with my son. (We read a lot of Dr. Seuss, too. But the Doc is so common sense I often forget just how relevant his words really are…maybe my next few posts will be from “Oh, the places you’ll go” or “Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book). But I digress.

The other day while watching Rescue Heroes, a young girl referred to herself and her sister as the dynamic 2-0 (two-oh). She meant duo, but with her young, misguided vocabulary she said something else.

It got me to thinking, I’m actually part of a dynamic 2-0; five or so groups of four core members who work together to support one another and achieve goals.

The core four are the main four people involved in any specific activity. I’m part of a core four with respect to health, wealth, love, career, faith, education…and the list goes on. These individuals are people on whom I can call and depend. I can trust them to see me through, just as they can trust me.

What about you? Are you part of a dynamic 2-0? Do you have small groups you participate in to achieve larger goals? What sorts of things are you dynamos doing in your corner of the globe. Let me know.

And as always, good luck and Namaste.