When I was a little girl, I didn’t play pretend too often. I had action figures (yes, action figures – like Lady J of G.I. Joe and She-Ra…He-Man’s twin sister). Every so often, I played school with my cousins or we pretended to be powerful women. But these little bouts of fancy were so far and few between that I barely recall them.

What I did do often, however, was imagine. I loved to sit and think about all the things I might grow up to do and who I might be one day. I got a kick out of sharing those thoughts with other people and hearing them tell me how much they believed in my ability to do whatever I said. I recall winning the student council election for president of my elementary school and hearing my teacher say, “Our new G.O. President and possibly future president of the United States….”

I was floored. Wow! Me, president? It felt good.

As I look back on those things today, I realize how much they’ve helped to shape who I am. There were certainly some times in my life when I questioned if I would ever be employed again, forget POTUS! There were times when I questioned where I was going to sleep or where my next meal would come from. I even recall a time in my life where I “borrowed” electricity from my neighbors! (I ran extension cords from their apartment into mine so I could clean everything well enough to get my security deposit back. Especially since without my old deposit I couldn’t move into my cheaper, more affordable new apartment.) Yes, there have been some tough times.

But through it all, I’ve always found a way back. Even as I battled depression, I still found a way to stay positive. Even when I was ready to give up on myself, I still saw the silver lining in the lives of others (and helped them see it, too).

But what gave me such a perspective? I believe it was my imagination…and my faith in the things I believed.

Just the other day, I watched The Vow. And at the end of the movie the Sony logo and tag line appeared “Make.Believe” the tag line said. Make.Believe.

Now some people might interpret that as “make-believe”; in other words, fantasy or pretend. But it sat differently for me. Make.Believe…make it and believe in it. Make your dreams a reality by believing in them. Make a belief the cornerstone of your existence, the driving force of your success. Make.Believe.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, no one has ever Made.Believed without a healthy imagination.

What do you want? Go for it and believe it. Dream the impossible dream. The more it helps, heals and grows you AND those around you the better it is, so the faster it will come.

Good luck and Namaste.