Several years ago, I wrote a short screenplay entitled “Behind Closed Doors.” It was all about the struggles people endure in private.

The script featured two people who were each trying to find their way in the world; their respective paths initially pulling them apart only to press them closer together at the peak of extreme hardship.
At the time, I had some familiarity with the issues these friends faced (fiction derives from some truth), but I had no idea I’d be living it out someday.

In these past few months, there have been many times I’ve wanted to give up or give in. I’ve wondered, “What’s the point?” It seemed no one was listening and no one cared. The bills piled up, there was no time to write, I’d made mistake after mistake where my relationships were concerned – trusting the untrustworthy – and my popularity on the web was waning.

It was becoming too much to stay grounded, to stay focused, to follow my Intuition and live out my purpose. Like I said, “What’s the point?”

But then I remembered something that has helped me to overcome so serious critical issues in the past: It’s not that bad. You’re never alone. When it looks bleakest, remember (how) you’ve come out of tough spots before.

In fact, one of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned about going through tough times is that you’re never the only one going through it. All life’s issues are common, and so is not talking about them. But I can assure you that discussing your problems is one of the fastest ways to heal. Furthermore, so is service.

When you think you’ve got it bad, tell someone else. You’ll make them feel better about their stuff I’m sure. When you think you’re on your last leg, help someone else to stand and see how quickly you find yourself grateful for whatever issues you’ve got.

For a long time, I didn’t want to share my woes with anyone. I kept my battle scars to myself and hoped that no one would know. I was especially ashamed to admit that I, a spiritualist and motivational coach, battled with negative thinking, self-doubt, -sabotage and people pleasing. Here I was telling other people how to live life to the fullest and I was still trying to overcome. All the areas of my own life weren’t perfect (or at least in order, so who was I to talk).

But the truth is, it was in those moments that I learned the most about living. It was most often while cleaning up my messes that I learned the process for overcoming (and not revisiting) them. In fact, if there is one thing I know now as the result of those experiences it is that – believe it ot not – people are more likely to be tested in the area of their greatness than their weakness. Your greatness is where you have to prove yourself because the Universe wants to know that you know what you claim to know about yourself and what it knows about you to be true. Did you get that?

The Source that made you knows your great, and if you say you know you’re great you will be tested because you ant just say it – you have to know it.

It isn’t just knowing you’re great that makes you great, it’s how you overcome the obstacles that challenge your greatness that will determine your excellence. You can do it!

Good luck and Namaste!