Forgive me in advance for this deplorable depiction of the American indigenous people that I will be referencing throughout this text to illustrate my point.

Furthermore, allow me to apologize (again) because I can’t remember the name of the heinous reference so as to at least vindicate myself from any suspicion that I could be so rude by way of my own imagination.

With that said…

Many, many moons ago I saw a movie detailing the age-old conflict of white man and Indians. The white settlers were trying to build a road or school or something and needing the territory inhabited by the brown people. In an attempt to be civil, the white men suggested a peace talk. During these talks the chief declared that he had no desire to move. They would share the land, but not move from it. The white men wanted the Indians gone.

The son of the white negotiator empathized with the chief and offered to speak with his father. He offer to “try.”

(And now for my point). The chief politely informed his well-intended liaison that “brown man no try.” In other word, the chief wasn’t interested in the old college-boy effort. He wanted results. Either his people would live on the land or they would die defending it.

The same is true in many African languages. There isn’t a word for “try,” either you will or you won’t; you can or you can’t; you did or you didn’t. There is no such thing as “try”. You keep going and learning until you get it done…or you’ve failed.

I want to take a page from this book for a moment and talk to my brothers and sisters out here “trying” to make it…stop it! Just do it! Make it! Keep going, keep learning and figure out how to do it. What will it take? If you don’t succeed, do what you must to lay the foundation so your attempts can be actualized in the next lifetime by a new generation.

I’m so tired of hearing brothers and sisters blame the white man for what we don’t have. Don’t misunderstand me, I know better than most about the disparities in education and distribution of resources. I’m well aware of the psychological repercussions of American slavery and the apartheid that followed. I know all too well about the systemic oppression that still takes place today; covert racism that cloaks itself as “equal opportunity”. I can see your point. But if all you’re doing is complaining about how your efforts are being blundered, then you still haven’t gotten my point: Brown man no try…we do!

If we want lives filled with our heart’s desires, then we have to start by living on our terms. There’s no “trying”…we either do or do not. Period. If we want more we have to do more, be more. Period. Our ancestors didn’t “try” and didn’t have a word for “try”. That is why when someone did something unsuccessfully it was a failure; Because there was no in-between, no learning curve.

If we want radical change, we have to be radical ourselves. And the most radical thing we can do is love. Don’t try, just do it. If you want to achieve something great you have to go for broke. Don’t try, just do it.

In short, “Brown man no try. Brown man do.” So get up off your keesters and get it done already.

This has been an iscis malone public service announcement.