“All my life I’ve had to fight.” Those words were made famous by none other than Oprah Winfrey in her stellar role as “Sophia” in the movie adaptation of Alice Walker’s award-winning novel, The Color Purple.

Every time I hear that line, I relate a little more than I care to. I think if how long I’ve worked, how much I’ve given and how much people have willingly taken. But most of all, I think about all the growing I’ve had to do, the fighting I’ve had to do with myself, the battles with self-sabotage and -defeat. I think about how my own beliefs about Self have allowed others to pull me down. I ponder how I could ever have believed myself to be a crab, in the barrel with the rest of the self-depricating, self-defeating crustaceans destined to live out their self-fulfilling prophecies of destitution, struggle, lack and pain.

The thing is, you have to assume that role to live that life – the barrel role. You have to be willing to subject yourself to being constantly pulled on and weighed down. You have to give others permission to treat you like a crab. “No one can make you feel inferior (or treat you that way) without your permission,” as Eleanor Roosevelt once said.

From here on out, I don’t want anyone reading this to assume the barrel role, the crab position, the state of struggle and less than enough. Instead, I want you to become the water works…because water works.

The beauty thing about water is that it is fluid, gentle and serene. Yet, under the right conditions it can be an unparalleled force of destruction and chaos. Water can be contained and harnessed, but it can be unyielding.

Water take on the shape of any container it’s in, but it can also bypass containment, slowly eroding any chances of confinement with each ebb and flow. Yes, water is indeed amazing. So why be a crab, why reduce yourself to a “barrel role” when you too are so profoundly amazing?

Go forth and be you. Be free. Be amazing.
As always, good luck and Namaste.