When you’re going through hell, keep going. That was Winston Churchill’s take and I agree. Don’t stop to look around and assess. Why waste the time? If it looks like hell and it feels like hell, it’s probably hell.

The truth is, hell is very distinct. It has a very distinct look and feel. You know when you’re in hell, no one has to tell you. And since everyone’s hell is different, no one can tell you.

Yep, the worst thing you can do when going through hell is stop to get directions. The other people there don’t know they’re in hell and they’re not trying t get out. All they’ll do is give you instructions on how to delve deeper into hell.

If you see someone running like crazy on the other hand, take a cue from Black folks and run too! You don’t have to go where they’re going, but you know not to go in the direction they’re coming from!

The thing about going through hell is that’s it hot. There are points where the fires come upon you and you’re sure you’ll melt. You feel dried out, worn down, defeated. But if you remember that you’re made of the right stuff, you’ll welcome the flames.

The deeper in you are the bigger the blaze. But the beautiful thing is that fire purifies gold. That’s right – you’re a golden child. When fire comes against you, don’t fret. It’s a purification process. All the impurities – the hurt, fear, rejection, pain, self-loathing and pity – will come out in the fire. All the dings , dents and cracks will be soften just enough to meld them together. All the other stuff will rise to the top where it can be eliminated.

Hear me when I tell you, if you are going through hell – keep going!

You’ve got this. As always, good luck and Namaste.