Hello there friends!

As you’ve likely noticed, I haven’t been posting regularly in the last month or so. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, I haven’t been able to. However, as a result of this forced hiatus, I’ve had some time to reflect on my writings and have decided to take this venue in a new direction.

As you all know, much of my writing centers around my beliefs in the power of positivity and a made-up mind. I often discuss my faith and even highlight biblical principle from time to time. I use examples from workshops, seminars and other teaching/learning experiences to make my points.

But one thing has become increasingly clearer over time. Much of my work is propelled by my personal faith, which is often diluted or excluded from my work. I’ve evaluated (and changed) this practice in my feature-length writings (novels, scripts, non-fiction manuscripts) but not on my website, my blog or in my face-to-face practice.

Well, all that is going to change. Effective September 1, 2012, the “Life & Times of the Blue Jean Diva” will become “Goddess (God-is) Training.”

My blogs will still feature my personal testimonies, advice and insight while delving deeper into the idea of “the God within.” As a woman inhabiting God, I am thereby a goddess, but to understand this, I need to understand that God is.

And why the training? Because Life is a training ground, always preparing us for the next test or assignment. So if I’m a goddess in training, it’s because God is the One doing the training.

Don’t worry – I won’t be losing my (dry) sense of humor, the ability to laugh at myself (and others around me) or be any less of the nerd-warrior-princess I’ve always been. If anything, I might just take it all up a notch thanks to a more interactive, personalized site, complete with polls, video logs and instructional materials made available for readers.

I’m looking forward to taking this next step and seeing what we will create together. Until real soon, good luck and Namaste!