Most of us know that feeling of punching in coordinates on a GPS. The device identifies where you are, considers where you want to go and creates a path to help you get there.
Now, you can provide certain variables to assist in the creation of that path (no tolls, fastest route, etc), but in the end the GPS will do the same thing: devise the best possible path for where you want to go.

Ironically enough, we will consult the GPS for direction, but once we get it (especially if we are somewhat familiar with the area) we will resist the suggestion and redirect according to our own understanding.

The GPS doesn’t argue or fuss. It doesn’t rationalize or try to convince us that it’s way is best. Instead, it simply recalculates based on where you are at the time of the “wrong turn” and where you originally said you wanted to go.

Some of the more sophisticated systems will even allow you to tack on trips to your itinerary – all the while, still reporting how you can get where you said you want to go from wherever your latest point may be.

Well, my pastor reminded me last week that this is how God works.

Each of us is born with a purpose and a plan for our lives. God has a unique path to help us to get to our optimal living state regardless of our point of origin.
However, as we move along in life we often think we know a better way. We resist God’s plan and start taking detours.

But the beautiful thing about God is that “they” remain patient with us. Ever compassionate and gentle, God merely recalculates the route based on whatever turns, detours and dead ends we create with our supposed superior intellect.

So here is the question (okay, this is me, there’s like 50 questions):

Why are you resisting God’s direction? Why can’t you allow yourself to trust something greater than you with the vast perspective to see not only where you are but how to get you to where you’re headed? Why do you limit the possibilities of what your life could be by relying on your limited vision? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid God will take you someplace you don’t want go? Aren’t the chances higher that you’ll suffer MORE damage trying to figure it out alone? Why not allow your Self to be in on the journey – that part of you that is always connected to God; to infinite wisdom, clarity, peace and order?

So…why not stop prolonging your trip to your ideal? Why not take the express with G.P.S. – God’s Planning System?

Good luck and Namaste. =_=