There is a distinct difference between “Everything will be alright” and “Everything is alright.”

One implies that things are not alright now, but they will be in time. The other suggests that everything is just fine as it is in the present. So what enables you to say one versus the other? Your perspective.

This last year, I have spent A LOT of time reminding myself that things have been worse and I found my way out. I encouraged myself with memories of how I’d overcome similar situations, and reveled in the idea that I would “really” learn the lesson this time so I wouldn’t have to revisit these circumstances anymore.

But something occurred to me as I was reminiscing. One tactic I’d employed in all those previous instances, which I hadn’t this time was affirming my knowledge. Notice I didn’t say my faith, I said my knowledge.

In the past, I’d been so faithful that things would work out I just KNEW they would. The very idea that I could or would fail was preposterous to me. Instead of saying “Everything will be alright” (as I’ve been saying for the last year) I would say “I’m fine. Everything is fine. Things are great. Never better. Going from good to great!”

There is something profoundly empowering about saying, “I’m fine. Things may look crazy, but it’s all under control. I know Whose I am. I don’t have to have it all together because my Father has got my back. I’m good. It’s good. All’s good.”

And that’s what I did. Literally, last week I tithed my last dollar in church. I didn’t fret or frown or pray that God would see my great sacrifice. Instead, I said “Thank God I had a dollar. I know some people have nothing. Lord, bless those who have nothing to sow.”

Why did I say that? Because I knew I would be fine. And you know what? By Monday I received a gift of $100; by Friday a gift of over $1000 to pay off a debt that had been used to (try to) oppress me.

I prayed for some people and saw major turnarounds in their situations. I even made leeway with my son’s father where the little man’s care is concerned. (It was short-lived, but progress is progress.)

In other words, when I shifted my belief from “things will be alright” to “things are better than alright” the Universe fell in line.

By changing my mind (back), I changed some very serious issues in my life for the better.
So, what do you need to change your mind about? The Source is waiting to give you the desires of your heart. What are you waiting for?

Good luck and Namaste.