The title of this post is actually the nickname I’ve given to myself and a group of my friends.

Before I get too deep into what the group does, I’ll need to give you a little background into how it came to be.

As many of you know, my husband and I separated last year after his very public affair. I was left pregnant, unemployed and transient. However, as with most moms, the emergent birth of my son left me needing a change. I didn’t just want to change my outer-world, I wanted to change the deepest parts of me that had manifested this reality.

I started doing research; looking into my own past and that of my husband and other exes. I started interviewing relatives, his and mine. I gathered information until I didn’t think my brain could contain anymore. Then I moved on to the next seemingly insurmountable task of processing it all.

I prayed and meditated, but nothing seemed overwhelmingly clear. I knew what to do, but not how. I had a box of answers but no solutions because I had no knowledge of how to use any of the tools and resources I possessed.

It was almost a year later, after my son began eating solids and didn’t nurse as often that I resumed my monthly fasts. Three days of only water/juice and consecration. Answers trickled in, but the real breakthrough came after reading about a woman and her husband’s weekly fast (one day each week fasting all day). I decided, “That makes more sense. I’ll fast four days out of the month instead of three AND I’ll get my answers in graduated stages rather than in one (limited) lump sum.”

See the truth is, when we fast we are asking the Source for answers. But in order to hear the Source we have to quiet our flesh; the carnal, lowly part of us that wants what it wants when it wants it no matter who gets hurt in the process. Although not feeding your flesh will make it bow to your Spirit, understanding the answers your Spirit gets is dependent upon how often it is fed. How often you do (or don’t) engage in Spiritual activity can be the difference between a breakthrough and frustration that leads to a breakdown.

This is a good time to tell you also what fasting is not. Fasting is not a hunger strike. Fasting is about the process of being led and directed by the Source; hearing from a Higher Power about the best steps and outcomes for your life. A hunger strike is about you trying to bully the Source into doing what YOU think is best, “I’m not eating until I get that car/house/man/job or whatever!”

No, I wasn’t on a hunger strike. What I wanted was to fulfill what the Source wanted for me, but I didn’t know how. I needed answers. Hence the fast.

Well, as is wont to occur, everyone and their mother tried to feed me while I was fasting. When word got out, my aunt sent me a wonderful book called Fasting: Opening the door to a deeper, more intimate, more powerful relationship with God by Jentezen Franklin. It reinforced a lot of my knowledge and taught me things I didn’t know. In the process of reading, I resolved to go on my first ever 21-day fast!

Even with all the hardships I’ve endured. – many of which I’ve shared with you – there are still so many more I battle privately. And those are just mine. Very rarely do I mention the turmoil I witness almost daily in the lives of people I love. But why? Why is the opposition permitted to run rampant without checks and balances? Why does everyone seem blind and oblivious to the fact that this is not the best life has to offer?

And that’s when I decided to do something different. I invited people to fast. I invited them to tackle their very natural problems with supernatural substance. I asked them to think about an area of their lives that was out of control or just plain getting on their nerves. I asked them to see it for what it is…opposition. To take it personal and get mad, get indignant, get furious…and get to fasting.

Many of us had immediate breakthroughs, some took a while and some are still waiting but with new found patience thanks to insights and confirmations along the way.

Is there something in you’re life that you need answers for? Something you don’t know how to move; don’t know how to overcome so you can get to the next level? Is there something that the mere thought of how long it’s been going on, how bad it’s gotten or how simple it should be to rectify just makes you furious? My advice: Get to fasting.

As always, good luck and Namaste.

*The Fasting and Furious group has since disbanded, but I know we’ll be there for one another when it’s needed…kinda like spiritual equivalent of The Avengers. 😉