I did it! There I was on a cold Novembe morning standing in line to vote. I’d awakened at 6 and left my home to get to the polls by 6:30 (thinking they opened at 7). I was inside by 6:35 and out by 6:55.

My son – who arises every morning at 7 a.m. like clockwork -was there to greet me when I walked in the door.

The funny thing was, though my cheeks were frosty and my hands were cold, he wanted only me.  Never mind his cousin’s broad chest, strong arms and warm (room temperature) body…my baby wanted his mama.

I was sure the kid would catch a cold (or at least a chill) but I decided to give him what he wanted: me.

And it got me to thinking…isn’t that what it’s like with God most times? We’re cold and uninviting. We’re standoffish and indifferent to His pleas for us to draw nearer because we’re sure any attempt to draw near to us in such a state must be a mistake…if not right away then eventually.

But the thing is, my icy chill didn’t even phaze my lil’ man. In fact, he warmed me up. We had a lovely bonding moment in the minutes that passed. He actually referred to me by name for the first time in ever!

He called me “Daddy”, which he still does to this day (unless he’s in pain or scared at which point I immediately and very articulately become “Mama”), but the point is we bonded and had a memorable, benchmark moment.

How often do we miss an opportunity to connect with our Source because we feel like we’re just not ready? We need some time to cool off or warm up? We need to clean up our act and settle down or take some risks and live a little?

How many times have we stood in the way of a life-altering, benchmark moment with God because we were more concerned with how we thought we might be perceived in the process rather than considering that His invitation was genuine?

How much richer and fuller could our lives be, how many rich, memorable, exciting, colorful benchmark moments could we have each day if we were more attuned to the request to draw near than with the barriers prohibiting our closeness?

What if, like on election day (a day colder than today – a whole month later) we just chose to say yes? What would happen then?

I urge you to say yes with me and let’s find out together. As always, Namaste. Grace and peace be with you. =_=