Some of you may recall that last year this time I posted about T.I.T.O. (this is the opposition). The title was a play on words referencing my ex-husband’s achronym moniker standing for “this is the omega”.

In that post I discussed how my ex has been a major source of opposition for me at times and his actions often find me at the end of myself…the omega.

Most importantly though, the post discussed that opposition is merely a distraction; a last resort attempt of the devil to get under your skin and throw you off-course.

Well, the opposition is at work again…but this time it’s the omega.

Another previous post mentioned that there are some things in my life about to shift. While I didn’t know how at the time, I could feel it in my Spirit.

Shortly after things began to change. Money wasn’t pouring in, but investors were lining up. I didn’t have the latest and greatest of everything but I had more of what I wanted in addition to what I needed. Things were looking up.  Surely I could use more, but I was so happy with what I had that what I got was even better. It was amazing.

And it wasn’t just that things were changing…people were changing too! Prayers were being answered left and right. People were saying and doing the right things and making all the right connections. It was amazing.

But then…it happened: the opposition.

After a relatively candid conversation with my (not-yet-ex) husband that had me feeling like he just might become the man my son needs to see him be, I awoke to a vacant spot in front of my house where my car had been.

No, he hadn’t stolen my car. But he did get some tickets that he never paid nor communicated were outstanding. If I expected to retrieve my car (and all the possessions therein), not only would I have to assume the debt for the tickets, but for the towing and storage fees as well.

That’s when it hit me. This isn’t the opposition, this is the omega. This is the enemy’s last resort at distracting me. It’s make or break time and if I don’t breakdown there’s guaranteed to be a breakthrough. This is the final test of this season…the last hurdle before this harvest. (I say “this” because if you know anything about planting, you know harvest is an annual thing, so this process ain’t over until life is).

If you recall yesterday’s post, I had just realized that I was being called to walk through dark and dreary places with Tito (the ex) only to – this, the very next day – awaken to a missing car as a result of his missteps. Consider that his negligence made the situation a reality, that his immaturity assists in its continuation, that his nonchalance prolongs it day by day adding to the cost, and it’s a recipe for a meltdown (and a breakdown).

But not this time. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that peace is a free and precious gift from God. No one can take it from us but often we give the gift away. Yesterday (and today and hopefully tomorrow) I decided to keep my gift. For a moment I was so tranquil I thought perhaps I’d snapped and didn’t know yet. But as the day progressed, I knew it was my peace.

Too much has shifted…is shifting…and the opposition is angry. When we’re doing well and overcoming that’s when the opposition goes to work. The truth is that we can be our own worst enemy. If we can be distracted, deterred and detoured enough eventually we will deteriorate.

Not me. Not today. Not this time. This is the omega. This is the finish. I refuse to breakdown before my breakthrough. A word of advice: I suggest you do the same.

As always, good luck and Namaste. Grace and peace be with you.