It’s Day Three of the car towing saga. For those of you just joining us, my car was recently impounded due to unpaid parking tickets going into judgment. Aside from having no income to assure that I’ll be able to retrieve my car in the 10-day timeframe allotted by the city…the tickets in question aren’t mine.

My (not-yet-ex) husband acquired some penalties while helping during my c-section recovery last year. Unfortunately, it found me this year in great health without a vehicle. 

But I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe that there are reasons for everything. Perhaps the tree in front of my house is due to fall and the $700 or $800 I’d have to pay to retrieve my vehicle (yeah, NYC is a beast) is nominal compared to the cost of replacing the vehicle.

Maybe I would’ve been in a monstrous accident with my son, but not having the car these few days will keep me from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It could be that I’m overdue for a material upgrade and in order for the better model to manifest the old one has to pass away. It’s like dual-particle existence in the space time continuum…the past and present object cannot exist at the same time for more than a moment. One must cease to exist. In this case, it would be my 2005 Chevy Cobalt with the racing stripe decals and 12″ sub-woofers that I only blast on road trips (with my windows down) and which I lovingly refer to as R.E.D. for Riding Extra Dirty though I always kept her clean and all her papers up to date.

See, if there is one thing I know about life it’s that “these things work out.” I don’t pray and worry and I’ve seen faith do remarkable things.

Today, by sheer accident I was permitted to remove all my items from my car (most of which were baby items) and even made a new friend while doing it.

As a result of the trip, I had the pleasure and privilege of ministering to three people about the transforming and healing power of Love.

All in all, this trial hasn’t been everything it could be (or was likely designed to be by the opposition). See, how we weather a storm depends on how we “whether” the storm.

Whether you see the storms in your life as challenges or opportunities will determine if they hinder or propel you.

Whether you see your storms as coincidences or carefully orchaestrated experiences will determine if you respond with faith or fear.

Whether you see your storms as constant (staying always) or consistent (seasonal) determines if you more likely to tell God how big your storm is or tell the storm how big your God is.

No matter what comes my way, I choose to “whether” my storms with faith, hope, love, patience, dignity, kindness and compassion. It’s never failed me yet.

And you? How do you “whether” your storms? As always, I hope with grace and peace. Until next time, Namaste.