As is won’t to happen when you have children, I learn as much from my son as I teach him.

For month’s we’ve been working on a nighttime routine that permits mommy to have her bed back. Well, you know what they ay, “Make a plan and make God laugh.”  Wonderful milestones like teething, colds, and mommy’s travels leaving baby fiening cuddles nullify everything and find us right back to Square One: baby in my bed.

The goal is three-fold; getting to a point where mommy is sleeping throught the night again, getting him sleeping through the night in the first place, and getting him to do it in his own bed. Well, we’ve gotten one part down HE sleeps through the night. Mommy contends with baby feet forcing their ways into crecives she didn’t know existed before becoming a mom.

But the other night, during one of my mid-night crevice clearings, I lifted my son’s arm and he automatically rolled over and away from me. Now, I’ve done something similar when he’s wide awake with very different results. But when he’s asleep, he just goes with the flow.

Ironically, this exchange has likely happened numerous times before but because my mind has been stayed on opposition and obliviousness in the weeks passed, this particular experience struck a different chord.

I wondered, how often are we so “asleep” in this life that a small current can come and shift us so drastically? When we’re awake andalert we say, “No, that’s not what I want.” So when that tide comes along and attempts to throw us off-course, we resist and delay (if not stop) the process. But when we’re asleep at the Wheel of Life, we can miss the warning rails, shoulders, and other precautions. A gust of wind that would normally make us say “wow” suddenly renders us incapable of speech as we come to upside down in a ditch.

It’s true what they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Or my new favorite saying from Mr. Warren Buffet, “The trick isn’t learning from your experiences, it’s to learn from those of others.” And as I like to say, “If you’re someone who has to learn everything bthe hard way, you likely don’t appreciate much.”

In short, what will it take for you to wake up behind the Wheel, to stay awake, to ensure that you don’t find yourself (like so many others) lying upside down in a ditch?

If you want to be sure that nothing and no one is twisting your arm and leading you astray, consider taking a few proactive measures. Take a moment to reflect…to breathe. Let go of whatever’s ailing you. Take time to replenish your soul. Be sure you utilize that moment between action and reaction known as choice. And always Love radically, wholly and unconditionally.

Until next time, best of luck to you and Namaste.