Today was an extraordinary day. Like so many other special dates in my life, my son chose to make it a benchmark day.  This morning, Christmas Eve 2012, my son deliberately and consistently walked.

You see, for nearly six months, my has been able to walk but not willing. Rather than let go and stand on his own two feet, he would hold on tight and “cruise”. He had a way of moving through rooms with grace and speed that would boggle the mind.  And yet, he never walk on his own.

Now, my son, though he’s fallen a time or two on hard ground would still willingly explore his world by climbing stairs, jumping on beds and tumbling across the sofa. Meanwhile, walking on his own seemed to put the fear of God in him.

Seriously, the boy could walk…he just wouldn’t. He’d have no more support than the hem of my shirt before he took off across the floor. He didn’t need me but he believed he did.

Well, today my baby walked.  He plopped on his bottom a few times (on purpose because he thought that’s why everyone was clapping), but eventually, when I did nothing he just stood there. I urged him to come to me and when he did I cheered. He did it again and again until he was walking across the floor.

And it occurred to me…my son’s physical walk reflected a lot of my faith walk; many of ours actually.

Think about it.  How often can you do something, but you’re afraid to because you fear the result? Maybe you had a bad outcome the last time you tried it. Or maybe you saw the adverse outcomes of another’s efforts. 

Perhaps you’ve become jaded because you aren’t getting very far very fast, unaware that the only one hindering your progress is you.  Whatever safety blanket you’ve tethered yourself to is not keeping you grounded like you think, it’s keeping you stuck.

Sure we all need a little encouragement from time to time, but then there are those moments where nothing happens. What then? What do you do when your Mother/Father above, the people around you, even you yourself have no words of encouragment? What next when all is quiet?

Might I suggest taking a cue from my little one and standing still. Take that moment to steady yourself and ready yourself. The next clue and cue is coming, but you have to be prepared. You have to know it. You have to have faith.

Just this morning I was talking to God, asking for clarity and direction. Things I know that I know are nearing their deadline and they still look so far off.  For some time, I’d been geeting blessing after blessing and confirmation after confirmation. And then the world seemed to sit still. I felt lost, alone, and confused.  I was anxious and unfocused. It just felt wrong.  I needed that assurance, that familiarity, that security.

But of course, as is often the case with my son, his new experiences taught us both something: You don’t have to see it all the time. You don’t have to hear it all the time. You just have to remember you saw. Just remember you heard it. You just have to know what was and know that it’s still there.

Everything you could do before you can do again, bigger and better the next time.  All those securities you needed will fade away as your faith increases (and your confidence).

As we near the close of this year and reflect on time passed, let us consider what will be different in the year to come. Let’s take time to project the life we desire to manifest. Let’s take a break from all the overstimulation and hype, let’s stand still and steady our legs for the next level…the next phase our journey…the next steps on our walk…our faith walk.

Do you have what it takes to be a Faith Walker. Stand still and find out. As always, good luck to you.  Grace and peace, beloveds.