I have always been a bit of a tomboy.  I love watching sports and I’ve even played a few.  In college, I befriended most of the guys on the football (my dorm brother and school brother were BOTH on the team). Needless to say, I spent A LOT of time at practices and games – home and away.

One of the things I recall vividly were the times when players were required to take a knee.  At those times, there was something taking place on the field that these men needed to distance themselves from.  To continuing playing or moving around could mean disaster.  So instead, they take a knee – they acknowledge the gravity of the situation at hand and allow the professionals the space to do their jobs.

I thought about this the other day as I was talking to a college buddy of mine who reminded me of all the times I had been at practice.  However, on one of the days I had missed a guy I had been dating at the time was severely injured.  He had broken his arm (like bone escaping skin severe) and was concerned that his football career (and athletic scholarship) had come to an end.

And it got me to thinking: God knows what exactly what to do. 

See, taking a knee means moving out of the way so the professionals can work. But I know good and well had I been there my emotional concern would have likely caused me to overstep the line and go flying onto the field.  The coach, the team and the professionals charged with tending to him would have had redirect their attention and console me.  Their energies and considerations that should have been tailored to meet his specific needs would have been divided.  In short – it would have been a mess.

But how often is that exactly what we do in our own lives?  How often do we take a look at all the chaos around us and jump right into the mix? We just know that somehow we can do something to make it all better, to make it alright. If we can just get on the field and get to the source, we can calm the storm and make it all stop.

But the truth is, sometimes our presence and participation IS the source of the problem.  Beloveds, let me say this with as much love, compassion, consideration and understanding as I can muster – TAKE A KNEE!

God has a plan and a purpose for your life.  The chaos is a source of development, training and growth. You have to go through it to get to where you want to be – where you are meant to be.  But take a moment to ask yourself, for all my effort is it getting any better?

Take a knee. Move of the way.  Let God and His guardian angels go to work for you.  All your problems, your issues, your chaos is right out there in the open for them to see.  You just need to sit your hind parts down and let them do what they have been designed, trained and created to do – to tend to your needs.

As you look at your life and see things going awry, I am not saying that you should sit idly by and do nothing. I am the last one to condone inactivity and passiveness.  Instead, I am asking you to step back and really assess the situation.  Are the angels so busy trying to save you from yourself that they can’t do something incredible and set you up for the very breakthrough you’ve asked for? Are they so busy doing damage control that they can’t create a sustainability plan that will keep you in a state of abundance and well-being for the long haul?

I’m just saying…if you’re investing your time into things with a minimal return then it’s not an investment, it’s an expense.  Maybe it’s time you let the experts take over…while you take a knee.

As always, good luck and God bless.  Namaste.