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A funny thing happened to me this week. I decided to do something I’d been putting off for some time because I just didn’t want to. That’s it. There was no hardship, no obstacle. Just a mere inconvenience, which I preferred to avoid, so I said no.

BUT, when I stopped fighting; when I just said yes, the Universe agreed it was best and opened its vast doors to make everything easy. 
More often than not we put off those things that we don’t want to do because we fear that whatever is keeping us from it is real and valid.

We don’t return to school because maybe our teachers were right about us not being smart enough. We postpone marriage because “our family just doesn’t do that well.” We self-sabotage our professional advancement because maybe that wise crack our co-worker made about us just getting by because the boss likes us, or about people not seeing us as a threat because they don’t take us seriously, has some validity.

But here’s what I know (and got the chance to relearn and reapply this past week). There is a higher power, a greater Source, that oversees this world we live in. This Source is the master of all time and space. This master has a unique design for this space and every life plays a part in that design. It is up to us to tap into this Source, to hear Its voice and learn Its ways so that we can fulfill our role in this design harmoniously. The beautiful thing is because the Source designed us too, our role merely requires us to be exactly who we are.

Unfortunately, when life gets in the way and other things take precedence, we can lose sight of the Source, of our purpose and who we are. We become jaded, lethargic shells of ourselves. Life seems drab, dreary and sometimes not worth living.

But there’s great news…you can never get too far off track. See, whether you do what you’re supposed to, do what you’re not supposed to, or do what you’re supposed to but for all the wrong reasons…you are ALWAYS able to get back on track – if you’re willing to listen.

The best example of this that I can think is King David in the Bible. I choose David for two reasons: 1) because David was a man after God’s own heart and 2) because David messed up A LOT.

Take for instance David’s marriage to his wife Abigail. Abigail was married when David met her, but he was enamored with her. He sent her back to her husband, Nabal, untouched. But when Abigail told her husband that they could all be dead because of his foolishness and unkind words to David, Nabal feel into a comma and died. When word got back to David that Nabal was dead, he sent for Abigail and married her.

Fast forward a few years to when David sees Bethesba bathing at a pool. He’s immediately awestruck by her beauty. So much so that he asks his men who she is. When they tell him she’s the wife of Uzziah, he sends his men for her anyway. He sleeps with her then sends her back home. Unable to stop thinking about her and wanting her for his own, David sends word to his generals on the frontline to put Uzziah in the thick of the battle and leave him to be killed. When David learns of Uzziah’s death, he sends for Bethesba and marries her.

What’s the difference? The first time God took out David’s obstacle to grant him the desires of his heart. The second time David took ccare of it himself. He did something he knew was wrong and paid the price for it. Bethesba got pregnant but the baby didn’t live. Thank goodness times have changed and we are often spared those kinds of punishments for our crimes these days. 

David repented and immediately he was restored to favor and honor in God’s sight. He did what he wasn’t supposed to, but he got back on track.

Let’s take another look at David’s foibles. Consider the time that God told him to count the men and take a census having every man in David’s camp pay into the census. This money would then be added to the treasury in God’s temple.

David won every battle he fought and his kingdom was doubly blessed. There was nothing they needed that they didn’t have; nothing they asked for that wasn’t provided.

But there came another time when David decided to count the men in his camp on his own. He was feeling himself and wanted to know how many men he had in army…backing him up…following him…subject to his time and commands. He didn’t take a census or collect payment. And he didn’t give honor to God for blessing him with the army or the demeanor to make men follow him.
Now, taking the Census wasn’t wrong, but not giving credit to God for his provisions of men, money and materials? Let’s just say David didn’t do too well in battle after that. He did the right thing for the wrong reason and his path was blocked. But once again, David repented and he was restored to honor and favor in God’s sight.

Why do I bring this up? Well, much like me prior to this past week, you may have something you don’t want to do. Something that keeps calling to you…and you skillfully ignore. Maybe it’s asking forgiveness, or offering it. Perhaps it’s returning to school or taking a certain job. Maybe there’s someone you refuse to date…or dump.

Maybe you’re doing all the right things. Perhaps you’ve followed your instincts and you KNOW you’re in the right place. But if you check your heart, are you still doing it for all the right reasons?

When you say yes – completely, wholly, unconditionally and unequivocally yes – the Universe will make a way. You won’t have to do much of anything. There was a design set in place for you in eternity that you merely need to accept and apply in this present, finite time. Your agreement sets the wheels in motion to align you with your purpose within the design.

No matter how far off track you may have gone; no matter how irrevocable it may seem, just say yes. You’d be surprised how quickly you go from access denied to access granted.

I’d say God luck, but instead I’ll say “yes”. Namaste.