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Everything is always in motion. If you don’t believe me, just refer to all the physicists and metaphysicists who study our existence and all its theories of motion.

See, while physicists believe that everything we can see is constantly in motion – even when we can’t see it moving – metaphysicists believe that even what we can’t see is in motion and because it is what we do see not only exists but is always in motion, too.

I guess I’m a metaphysicist at heart because the latter makes perfect and total sense to me. In fact, it’s helped me make a great deal of sense of my life. Especially in this past week.

As you may recall from my previous post (Access Granted, Access Denied), I recently decided to do something I’d been putting off for years! However, the moment I agreed to do so it was like the Universe opened itself up to me and let me in on secrets I didn’t even know existed. And not just for my benefit, for the benefit of those near me, too.

And it all began when I said “yes”. When I decided to physically move.

Now, it’s important that I differentiate between my physical movement and my metaphysical moment. See, my mind is always going, my heart is always intending, my Intuition is always deliberately and divinely foreshadowing. That’s my metaphysical movement. But my actions, on the other hand – my physical moments – don’t always line up.

A better way to explain this may be to highlight my definitions for Intuition and Instinct – future and present tense.

My Intuition is ALWAYS giving me a heads up. I ALWAYS know what my life could be, what it should look like. I’m ALWAYS having deja vu; which lets me know I’m on the right track…but somehow I never make it to the finish line.

That’s because my Instincts needed some fine tuning, some freshening up. Though I always know where I’m supposed to end up, knowing what to do in the now to get there ALWAYS seemed to elude me. Until I physically moved.

I’d become so consumed with the paralysis of analysis that I overthought everything. Though I’d have clear, definitive confirmation that my Intuition was leading me someplace, my lack of Instinct would cause me to falter and delay (or downright halt) my process…and my progress.

Until I physically moved.

What I knew but (as I’m wont to do when I overthink) forgot, is that the Universe is in motion and I can either move with it or be pushed around by it.

Perhaps the best illustration I can offer is that of a treadmill. If you’ve ever tried to get on a treadmill after someone else and they’ve been sprinting, you know that you don’t stand on it right away. You watch the convoy spin a few times, get the rhythm and hop on. If you’re too slow the machine will buck you off faster than you can say “Ouch!”

That’s how the Universe is. It’s moving at rapid pace, shelling out blessings at top speed. Everything you’ve ever wanted or needed is right there, but you have to get attuned to the rhythm.

If you stand idly by for too long, the opportunity will keep eluding you. If you jump on too soon, you’ll get bucked off and likely land on your face. But here’s a bit of good news…it’s never too late or too soon to try again.

If staring at the convoy (aka watching everyone else get what you know you too deserve) has made your head spin and left you dizzy then close your eyes, settle yourself and regroup. Then open your eyes (all three of them) focus in, find the rhythm and get moving.

If you’ve landed on your face and the pain seems too much, remind yourself that at least you tried. And people who try usually get what they’re after. Then those feel good hormones will start flowing, the pain will subside and you’ll hop up and try again.

It’s never too late, or too soon.

Another bit of good news: no opportunity is every truly gone. Now this is by no means an excuse to procrastinate, but rather hope for those who may have waited and know the time for waiting is gone.

See, much like a treadmill, life runs in cycles. The Universe is always trying to get us where we’re meant to be; to our divine pinnacle. This means that when we miss out (or mess up) on a chance to have something, do something or be something, the Universe will bring it around again. It might not be right away and we may not be ready when it comes, but it is coming.

Think about it, that convoy may be spinning so fast you can’t even clearly see when a certain point has resurfaced, but somehow you know it does…and repeatedly. The same is true of the Universe.

If you’re standing idly by, or lying on your face, the opportunity might not be so clear…but it’s there.

And if you’re going to grab it, if it’s going to be yours, if you are going to connect with the right point at just the right time, you have to move. You have to hit the ground running. You. Have. To.

Why? Because unlike a treadmill, the Universe doesn’t have speed control. YOU can speed up or slow down. YOU can choose to stop, go or yield.  But the Universe? She’s got one speed and she keeps going…and going…and going. It’s a just matter of finding your conjoined rhythm and moving with her at her designated speed (which is always just slightly faster than you think you can go then you realize you’re not only doing it, it’s easy…so she increases again). You have to surrender and let her lead. Once you do, you’ll be privy to things beyond your wildest imaginings. I promise. In fact, I’ll share mine with you soon enough. Wink, wink.

So…are you ready to hit the ground running? I’m looking forward to seeing you on the treadmill.

Good luck and Namaste.