I tried being normal. Worst two minutes of my life. – Unknown

Just because you don’t fit doesn’t mean you’re a mis-fit. Think of it more like an out-fit. Your meant to be outside the parameters; to guard and secure. Your meant to be the protective layer. You – we – are called to be set apart, peculiar.

We’re called to be Light to a dark world, salt to the earth. So we have to stop trying to blend in and be okay with standing out. We have to be okay with our respective out-fits.

An outfit is the first thing we see when we see someone. We immediately notice if they’re NOT wearing one, but it’s equally likely that we’ll notice when the one they have on is odd; if it’s unconventional and avant garde.

Our spirit is that way for the world. Our actions seem unconventional, strange and misplaced…even misdirected.

But we know our tribe. All these crazy people coming together to make up the body. I can’t be the core. I need too much direction, affirmation and hand holding. I’m strong, but I’m soft…not weak, but definitely vulnerable. I need guarding and protecting, I need guidance. I’m definitely a heart. I feel everyone’s pain and often have to be reminded that I can do more for people when I take care of me first. No matter how strong I am or how tough I can be…I know I’m a heart.

And I wear that responsibility proudly. That’s my out-fit.

What’s yours?