Attack of the Doppelgangers

I have to say, this is the first time I have been ever been excited to write about something a little negative or disparaging.  Why, you ask?  Well, because it means we are that much closer to healing and getting past it, through it, over it, beyond it, and done with it (for good this time).

Many people have been asking me about this concept of changing minds and changing worlds.  There have been all sorts of questions (and complaints) about the difficulties often faced when attempting to know better, do better, and have better.

“Okay Kiki, you claim I’m attracting these things into my life by the energy I put out, right? And that energy comes from my feelings, which I control by what I think about.  So if I want to change what I get,  I have to first change my mind. I get all that.

“So, how can I still be attracting these things to myself if I’ve changed my mind?  I honestly don’t feel that way about him/her/it anymore.  I think your theory is a little flawed.”

Riiight.  It’s the process. Of course.  It can’t possibly be us.

We just hate to admit when we’re not ready, don’t we?  Present company included.

I understand – believe me. We live in a microwave society.  We don’t want it now, we want it right now.  Heck, having it yesterday would’ve been better.  So anything that can’t be resolved, refined, and remedied in 30 minutes or less is not our cup of tea.  Allow me to reiterate – then we’re not ready yet.

The easiest part of this process (ironically) is a lifelong endeavor.  It’s the simplest to do and takes the longest to complete: becoming the change we wish to see.

So why is it so many of us aren’t ready for this kind of change?  It’s most likely because we’ve become doppelgängers; body doubles.

In German culture a doppelgänger is someone’s exact look alike. When a friend or relative sees your doppelgänger it’s considered an omen of illness or danger.  When you see your own doppelgänger, it’s supposed to signify death.

The interesting thing about a doppelgänger is that it may look and sometimes even sound like what or who it is supposed to be; and yet, it may not be that at all.

We’re all familiar with “evil twins,” right?  Well, that is a type of doppelgänger. People can’t tell the two apart. They can’t understand why Superman and Lex Luthor are suddenly friends, or why Spider-Man is wearing all black and robbing banks, or why Supergirl is sabotaging The Justice League.

If you’ve become a doppelgänger, it’s likely that no one knows it but you. Worse yet, you may not even know.  You’ve changed your mind..and you’ve got the new threads, new job, new boyfriend, and new 5-figure savings account to prove it. (Hey, 5-figures is a big deal to a lot of people).

But you are still having trouble saying “okay” and walking away when someone can’t just agree to disagree with you (maybe you ARE the one who can’t agree to disagree). You can’t find peace with leaving “well enough alone,” or letting people find their own way to “get the job done.”

Doppelgängers often think one thing while doing another.  Susie’s thinking nothing but happy thoughts, but she feels like she’s been blitzed by the Steelers’ Defensive Line. Doppelgängers are also likely to think they’re the originals, or if they know they’re a later model they consider themselves the upgrade.

Any of this sounding familiar so far? Have you experienced any of these moments? Are there times when you miss your “old life” or the way “you used to be?” Is what you’re doing now too hard?  Do you feel like being nasty, curt, and “direct” are the only ways to get what you want in life – and can’t understand how you became (or could ever become) someone’s doormat?

Newsflash! You’re a doppelgänger! For all the reasoning and rationale in the world, you are still not what you think you are.  Even with all the positives you may be ticking off your list, all the accomplishments, and all the “blessings,” you are still not who you say you are (or who you want to be). You are a mere reflection of yourself.

If you aren’t careful, it could be the death of you – trust me.  Perhaps not the end of your life directly, but perhaps the end of life as you know it or are coming to know it.  In most cases it becomes the end of living – of experiencing all the beauty, joy, and excitement life has to offer.

Make no mistake, it isn’t easy. Heck, in every movie the evil twin has to get taken out with brute force – they never say, “You’re right.  I’m a detriment to you, to society, and myself.  I need to be one with you, so that together we can be a powerful source of love, knowledge, and change.”  Yeah right!  Your evil twin – your doppelgänger – is only concerned about him/herself.

If you’re going to win this battle, you must be willing to wage a war.  You must be willing to fight on what Joyce Meyer calls “the battlefield of the mind.”  You must not only be aware of what you say and what you do, but be able to reconcile the two.  Are they one in the same, or is there more work to be done?  How often are you “flat lining” – not feeling anything in particular; giving your doppelgänger ample opportunity to launch a surprise attack?

Remember, the key to opening the door to the life you’ve always wanted lies in your mind. Change your mind and change your world.

As always, wishing you well,
Kiki B., The WILD Side


1 thought on “Attack of the Doppelgangers”

  1. …Susie, don’t I know her? LOL

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