In My Sister's Closet

OK, this one is for the ladies.  Woo, work with me please.  I can’t even begin to tell you what this means for me – and to me – to be able to share this week’s message with you. Perhaps I should start from the beginning.

In my sister’s closet – while meant for all my sisters – is dedicated to a very special sister who has shown me the true power of intention.  For the sake of privacy, we’ll call her Mme. Butterfly – or Miz B.

Now, many of you have probably been paying some attention to this process of changing your mind and changing your life, but you can’t stop with your mind.  You have to change what you think about so you can change what you feel, because what you feel is transmitted out into the world as an electromagnetic pulse.  That’s right, we are made up of energy – just like everything else.  So when you have feelings about something, positive or negative, you literally begin to vibrate. You may even feel it sometimes in the pit of your stomach, the palms of your hands, or as your skin begins to tingle. This energy you’re sending off is going out into the space around you – and it will attract whatever you’re thinking about.

Well, Miz B is a good friend of mine – so needless to say she knows all about the power of intentions and the importance of changing her mind (what can I say, like attracts like). When Miz B decided that she wanted to move, she knew she wanted to purchase property. She was a little worried because she had recently left her job in pursuit of her own company.  She feared that her present lack of income would affect her eligibility for a mortgage loan, though she had been pre-approved while she was working.  She was also concerned that she wouldn’t be eligible for certain programs and opportunities typically made available to first time home buyers because she hadn’t been eligible while employed.

But this is where the power of intention and deliberate creation become so important. Miz B asked one of the most pertinent, critical, and life-altering questions you can ever ask: What do I want? And once she’d answered it, there was only one other question to ask: What do I need to change my mind about?

She answered that question and things began to change.  Opportunities began to avail themselves to her – and she wasn’t even trying!  People gave her information or offered resource without her asking.  Her offer price (which was nearly $200K lower than the asking price) was asked be upped by $50K.  When she agreed, she was told she could have the EXACT apartment she’d been wanting if she could come back on Thursday.

Now, this is an exceptionally big deal because there were other spaces within her asking price – but they weren’t what she wanted.  She was very specific about what she wanted and what she wanted to pay for it. She was particularly serious about the kind of space she lived in, who lived around her, what she would have access to, and the importance of walk-in closets!

I recall walking into the particular space she’s in the process of purchasing, and the energy I felt rising off of her when we walked into a 5-foot long walk-in closet.  We each could’ve lied down and been comfortable.  I recall the look of happiness on her face as we walked through the rest of the apartment. But it was the FEELING she resonated, the ENERGY she projected when she walked into what so many others would’ve blown off as “mere storage,” that let me know I would be visiting this space again with her name on the lease.

In that moment alone, Miz B had sent out so much positive energy that even in her most prolonged moments of doubt she still wasn’t able to repel what she’d already attracted – it was officially hers!  While the story isn’t over yet, I have complete faith that it will end just as Miz B has intended.

But more importantly, I hope it demonstrates to you the importance of deliberate intention and the power we each have to manifest the things we want most in our lives. I assure you, when you get the hang of it – it’ll scare the daylights out of you how just quickly you can manifest what you asked for.  But the more you practice the more you’ll simply expect it – and nothing less.  I am looking forward to seeing the beauty my sisters can (and will) create.

Change your mind. Change your world.  Manifest your destiny.

As always, wishing you well,
Kiki B., The WILD Side


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