It's such a good vibration

Physicists have recently come the a conclusive conclusion that everything in this world, no matter what is made up of energy. (Sounds redundant, but seriously not all conclusions are conclusive in science).

What this means is that everything, whether we can see it or not is in constant motion and is in constant attraction of all other energy sources around it. Think of it this way: Energy always carries with it a force or a magnetism or a pulse – that’s what makes it energy.

So why is this important to you as you work on changing your mind?  Well, it has been shown that human beings direct, transmit, and control their energy by controlling their emotions.

Have you ever noticed that when something bad happens, and you focus on that thing – other bad things seem to happen.  Well, it is because you have thought about it for so long that you have begun to feel some kind of way about it – usually a bad way.  Your “energy frequency” is running low at this point, so you are going to transmit low magnetic frequencies AND attract low magnetic frequencies. Those are all those other bad things you attracted.  Pay attention, because you might find that what you spent most of your time focused on earlier could have very well attracted the initial agitator.

Now think about a time when something wonderful happened. Didn’t it seem that nothing could go wrong?  You were on cloud nine!  Everything you touched, thought about, or engaged in seemed perfect. When you’re happy, you are operating on a very high energy frequency.  Your brain lighting up like a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve – fireplace included!  You are a walking heat beam!  When that happens, you attract other things transmitting on a high frequency – that’s when you start getting things for free, people start acting right, and a wad of cash seems to “fall out of the sky” and all your bills get paid.

So again, why is this important to you as you embark on this journey to change your mind?  Well, remember: you feel some kind of way about what you think.

The first step in the process of attracting something better is to know it in your mind. Perhaps you’re thinking, I’m not into that metaphysical mumbo-jumbo:

Well, the Bible mentions coming to God in complete faith for what you want.  You must know it and feel it (even when there is no evidence of it).  If you doubt, you push the very thing you desire away from you.

Last week, we discussed the correlation between dis-ease and disease.  Well, to feel well, you must feel good.  What makes you feel good?  What’s the thing you feel like you can’t have because someone (or Some One) will shun you?

Here’s my challenge to you.  Feel what you feel and acknowledge.  Turn a negative into a positive.  Find seven wonderful things about yourself (ask around if you’re short on answers) and repeat one to yourself each day for a week! When you feel your stomach drop like you’re dropping on a roller coaster – you’ve done it!  You’ve reached you’re high, you’ve conjured up faith, and you can ask for whatever you want – and receive.

Change your mind, change your thoughts, change your world.

As always, wishing you well,
Kiki B., The WILD Side


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