Let it go. Reign it in!

Ok, so I am genuinely loving the response I am getting from all of you about this “whole changing [your] mind thing!”

It’s amazing to me how many people are benefiting from it in such a short time (and how many more simply REFUSE to believe in their own power)…but I digress.

I figured, just to help you see how powerful our thoughts, attitudes and emotions are, I would raise an issue to which we can all relate: the almighty dollar.   Well, the truth is – it isn’t all that powerful when you learn to manipulate and manifest your power within.

We’ve all heard the expression that you have to spend money to make money, right?  Well, that’s not completely true – but it’s close.  You don’t have to spend any money, but you’ll certainly have to spend some time – time changing your mind, altering your attitude and being genuinely happy.

Happiness begets happiness.  Take me for instance, anyone who knows me knows just how broke I have been.  However, in that last 2 years – making less than $30,000 at times – I have been able to pay off over $17,000 worth of debt.  I’ve boosted my credit score significantly, and am still undergoing a monetary transformation.

You see, I allowed myself to feel good about where I was – debt and all.  How, you ask?  By recognizing the power of my position.  When you are flat on your face you are in the perfect position for two things, 1) to pray and 2) to rise up!

By allowing myself to be happy, my attitude about things changed.  I was able to think clearly and creatively.  I went places I never would’ve gone and met people I wouldn’t have otherwise.  I learned to ask about programs, credits, and assistance I’d never heard of before.  I was inspired to make connections, ask for favors, and barter/trade things that I later sold for profit.  I was even inspired to delve into some very interesting entrepreneurial endeavors that paid off handsomely (especially when you consider I had so much fun I should’ve been paying someone to let me do most of it)!

Ah, but first things first young grasshoppers. Before all else, we must change our minds about things.

For instance, over the course of several days, I focused on my debt and I got bills, bills, and more bills.  It seemed that the more I focused on how much money I didn’t have, the more money I needed!  However, when I spent only a few hours allowing myself to say, “OK lady, this is only temporary.  You’re here now because you are about to learn everything you need to know to move beyond this stage in your life.  Soon this lifestyle (of poverty, lack and need, need, need) will be just an ever-distant memory, never to be visited again!”

Well, so far so good!  That isn’t to say I don’t slip up every now and again, forgetting my own power and looking outside myself for answers I already know.  But when I see an in-stream of bills, I immediately revamp and ask myself…what do I want? What am I asking for? What am I doing? Are they all the same or am I sending out repellent? Obviously I must be.  I’m getting more bills than checks!

Remember: everything in this world is made up of molecules – electromagnetic molecules.  These electrodes attract and repel one another depending on their charges or frequencies; positive and negative.  And, like attracts like.

Now this may be a little difficult for some of us to believe, but it’s true.  You may be thinking about all the generational issues with money in your family, the social inequities, and other complications that can make life hard.  But the Truth is, we control our destinies. Whatever we think about is precisely what we’ll get.  Certainly you’ve heard, “You can do anything you put your mind to!” Well…same thing.

You see, money (like everything else) is comprised of energy, too.  So when you focus on your lack of money, you’re repelling it from you.  And of course, if you’ve never had enough of it to begin with – your initial association with it is likely to be how much you don’t have and how much more you need!

This is why we have to change our minds.  Once we change our thoughts and the frequencies we give off about money, we’ll change our relationship with it.

Instead of focusing on what isn’t there or what you need, try thinking about where the money you will receive is going to go and how you’re going to spend it.  Don’t worry about how much the thing costs, own it in your mind.  How good does it feel that you bought something you wanted without worrying about how much you spent, or what’s left over?

Give the money someplace to flow. Envision yourself a regular money conduit! The money comes to you and goes through you to wherever you’d like. You know how that is, don’t you?

Haven’t you ever noticed you’ll usually get just exactly what you need to pay a bill when you have faith that it’ll be taken care of?  “I know it’ll get paid, I just don’t know how.”  And BAM – your tax return, your student refund, or your work bonus is about $10 more than the bill itself!

Now imagine if you had faith that you could have enough to pay your bills, create and maintain a savings, do what you want to do, and help the needy…you’d be Oprah!

Okay, only Oprah can be Oprah. But in all seriousness, when we focus on what we don’t have, we will only have more of it.  And more of nothing is pretty much nothing, any way you slice it.

And what about those who are destitute or living in developing countries, you ask?  Well, here’s a question…if you knew how to make a million dollars (which you do now), you would go make a million dollars, right? (The correct answer is yes!) Well, if you didn’t know how to do it…how easy do you think it would be to get the same results?  Would you even know that you WANTED the million dollars?  My point is, when we don’t know that we don’t know…we can’t know!

So why not share this wonderful wisdom with a friend – or send an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) to someone in need?

And remember: the moment you change your mind, you change your life!

Change your mind, change your attitude, change your world.

As always, wishing you well,
Kiki B., The WILD Side


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