Hello and welcome to the blog formerly known as The Life & Times of the Blue Jean Diva.

You may be wondering just who is iscis malone? And what exactly is a Blue Jean Diva? Why switch from Diva to Goddess? And what’s with all the euphamisms anyway?

Well, for those of you unfamiliar with my story, I am a native of New York City. I grew up around “culture.”  I came to love the arts early in life.  I enjoyed the music, the dance, the people.  I loved learning new things and taking that knowledge back to share with others.  At the advice of those who only wanted to protect me, I suppressed my creative urges. I continued to learn and teach, but I knew something was missing.  The lesson would come to me one day that being “to thine own self true” means more than being honest.

However, a defining moment (that I didn’t truly appreciate until years later), occurred during my freshman year of college. You can read my post Who is The Blue Jean Diva for all the details, but the short version is that I learned to dance to the tune of my own drum that day – to do what I do and be more expressly me; looking within for answers rather than going without. By the end of the night I’d been officially dubbed, “The Blue Jean Diva.”

But somewhere down the line, I lost that Light.  My world started to crumble and I began to question my faith in God – the Source.  My world was racked at once with my mother’s relapse of illness, my marriage spiraling out of control with adultery and decit, pregnancy, homeless and unemployment. *When it rains it pours.* But if there is one thing I know, if you don’t go within you WILL go without.  I did what I know to do – I prayed.  I talked to God without pomp and pretense. I was raw – honest and real. And that’s when it happened. Answers began to come…many I didn’t agree with. But as I remained attuned and obedient, things got clearer (and better).

Now, I am doing what I love with people I love – all the time.  I aspire to inspire – to help others get where I’ve been and where I’m going minus all the pitfalls. I’m being a goddess – a feminine vessel of God’s divine power. It isn’t always easy, and it isn’t always right, but it’s always worthwhile (and a lot of fun). Creative expression is at the forefront of my life.  Using what I have learned throughout my endeavors, I aspire to merge the arts, entertainment, education, community service, and psychology to create a whirlwind manifestation of physical, emotional, and financial freedom for myself and others.

As I keep going, I pass on what I now know.  “I learn…I teach…I share…therefore I am.” This blog is about sharing those values, ideals and experiences with the world, as well as my process for making a lucrative form of livelihood for myself. Welcome to Goddess Training where God is training me.

Live life. Take chances.
iscis malone


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